Headshot 1Welcome!

My hope is that I can remind you of how sacred you are. When we understand that everything is created for a sacred purpose, we will worship more fully, live more simply and lead more gently.

sākrid – a vessel of honor, connected with God, associated with divinity,  set apart for worship.

That’s right. You are sacred. A vessel of honor. Within you is carried the image of God.  The very one who has created everything has made you to be like him. You are a carrier of the Divine.

All around your every day life God has placed his sacred life.  It touches you daily, simply, in many ways.  If you have perhaps never known this or if you have forgotten this then you are at the right place.  This space is about reminding you [and me] about all that is sacred.

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A little about me  …

I am completely in love with my creator and the life He gave me.  I strive each day to love what He loves, to see what He sees and to do what He does.  I intentionally seek the simplicity of life, am convinced that loving and leading others should be gentle and that worship is a continuous posture of the heart. This is a work in progress and some days I am better at it than others.  Yet, despite my inadequacies, I pursue this goal daily. 

I enjoy building close relationships, welcoming others into my home,  thinking long and praying hard.   I love to write and to read and to go for long walks.  I am learning photography and get much pleasure from this creative art.

I have been in full time ministry since graduating from bible college in 1982.   I have held various positions ranging from Pastor of women’s ministries, Pastor of small groups, Assistant Pastor, and eventually finding my passion in the ministry of biblical justice.

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I was elected to the Board of Orchard: Africa in 2000 and have held the position of CEO of the organization since then.  Leading Orchard: Africa is one of my life’s passions.  I am equally comfortable in a rural village in Africa, interacting in the office, speaking at a conference or simply working in solitude at my desk.

I am wife to Michael, mother to Dustin and Samantha, mother-in-law to Hallie and grandmother to Graeme, Lane, Ellis and James.  My family, like other families, is far from perfect. Despite our unique flaws, I am blessed by each one.

My husband is generous and loving toward me and can still, after more than three decades of marriage, make my heart skip a beat.  He is strong and hardworking and dependable. One of the things I love most about him is the way he laughs – often and wholeheartedly.  It’s outrageous and contagious and a staple ingredient in my love for him.

My firstborn, Dustin, is the entrepreneur in the family.  He sees new opportunities where others see a blank wall.  He is imaginative and resourceful and deeply loyal.  My daughter-in-law, Hallie,  is super intelligent, logical, dependable, loving and creative.  

My second-and-last-born, Sam, is the talented artist. She can turn a toothpick into a work of art.  She is strong willed and independent, gentle and kind and has a quirkiness about her that makes her brilliantly unique.

My grandchildren are the delight of my life.  Being their “Oumie” brings more joy to me than I can possibly explain in this short space.

I think you can tell – I delight in my family and give thanks to God for them every single day.