In Purpose

Are one of these reasons yours?

At springtime, for the past few years, I have participated in a walk for Orchard: Africa.  This year the walk is called the Ubuntu: Walk and will take place this Saturday, March 31.

I have been thinking about the many people who have volunteered their time to make the event happen as well as all the people who will turn up and participate and I have wondered why.  Why do people do this?  Why do we give to charity?  Why do we volunteer our time and resources to benefit others?  Watch this interview of me and Noah shown on Good Morning Arizona to find out one boy’s reasons.  I have also come up with a few myself.

Which one of the following is your reason?

We give to charity:

  • To participate in something bigger than ourselves. We like to be a part of something beyond ourselves, something bigger, something meaningful.  It turns us into bigger and better people.
  • To connect with others.  We are hardwired to be social, to be a part of one another.  Charity events connect rich and poor, smart and not-so-smart, bosses and workers.  It puts us all on an equal footing as we stand side by side and work towards something good.
  • To find meaning in life.  Galatians 6:10 instructs, “as we have opportunity, let us do good to all men …” When we do good, we find meaning and purpose in life.
  • To find solutions.  Being involved in charity helps us to be a part of the solution.  We see world problems and we know we are powerful when we link hands with others to solve these problems.
  • To feel in control of something.  There are many things in our world, our community and our society that are outside of our control.  By involving ourselves in a charity, we feel in control of something important to us, something that can make a difference.

I look forward to this Saturday and the Ubuntu: Walk.  I know it will be a great day; a day in which all five of the above things will be true for me.  I am a part of the solution to the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time.  I find tremendous meaning in life knowing that I am connecting with others, linking hands and making a meaningful difference.  I look forward to seeing old and new friends there.

Noah and his brother Samuel will be there too.  Take a look at their Walk of Faith.  I encourage you to encourage them!

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