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How to make decision making easier

This week I ministered at a church leaders conference in Mafikeng, South Africa.  We gathered together with the intent of encouraging one another, learning from one another and developing skills that will help us be better leaders in our sphere of influence.

As leaders, the one thing that never goes away is the need to make decisions. Sometimes the choices we face are clear and easy.  Other times we feel as if we are wandering around in a maze with options that could very well lead us to dead ends.  There’s no doubt that there are times when decision-making can be very stressful.

At the  session I led at the conference, I spoke about the process of decision-making and what makes it easier for me.

Here are my thoughts:

  • Be intentional about my core values.  Do I know what drives and motivates me?  If left to my own sinful nature, my values will be selfish and self-serving.  However, Christ in me compels me to be somebody different.  The values that are core to my being, whether I actually recognize what they are or not, will determine the decisions I make.  I should thus be intentional about what I want my core values to be.  I have made a list of 5 values that are deeply important to me.  When it comes to making decisions, I lay the choices against my core values and it is amazing how much simpler the decisions sometimes become.
  • Be intentional about my future.  It is important to me that I know where I want to be in 5 years or in 10 years?  I am a firm believer in setting goals and planning how to get there.  To me, not knowing my goals would be like planning a trip in a foreign country without getting directions – I am likely to get lost.  I realize that sometimes spontaneity takes you to exciting places and this is great.  However, for me, knowing where I want to go and how I want to get there (my core values) helps to make the decision-making process so much easier.
  • Be intentional about my devotional life.  Having a set time every day that I read scripture and pray is the foundation of the first two points.  When I have a decision to make, certainly I pray about it.  However, having a time to read scripture and pray, not because I need an answer or want direction but simply because I want to know God more intimately, is what nourishes my soul.  The strange thing is, when my soul is nourished I find it much easier to make decisions.

The time to ensure that decision-making is an easier task is not when the decision needs to be made but long before.  Determining the values by which you want to live, having set goals and nourishing your soul prepares you long in advance to make less stressful and more peaceful decisions.

Question:  Are you intentional about any or all of the above? 


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    Loved this. Thanks for sharing Michelle!

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    Well said. Thanks!

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    Excellent thoughts Michelle! We have become more intentional just recently with teaching the boys life lessons with core valid in mind…thanks for these thoughts that reinforce that 🙂

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      Sorry…core values 🙂

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      Michelle Tessendorf

      Teaching young children the importance of core values is fantastic. Thanks for sharing Troy.

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    Thank you so much for this! I have been facing some difficult decisions lately and this really helps. 

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    RBC Ministries offered a pamphlet in 2002 “How Can I Know What God Wants Me To Do?” which I found very helpful.
    1. Have I asked God’s for help?
    2. Do I show my trust for God with every area of my life, not merely this decision?
    3. Do I obey God’s clearly revealed will?
    4. Am I operating on the basis of good reasons rather than changing feelings?
    5. Am I filling my mind with God’s Word so that my mind is being transformed?
    6. Are there biblical commands or principles that apply to my specific situation?
    7. What are the alternatives and consequences of each possible option? How do these fare when evaluated by what the bible says?
    8. Do my abilities and weaknesses have a bearing on the decision? How?
    9. What decision will glorify God, build me up spiritually and edify others?
    10. Have I sought out worthy advisers?
    11. Have I carefully evaluated the advice, not merely accepted or rejected it?
    12. Is this decision a matter of my own freedom?
    13. Do I have peace that my decision is right?
    14. Would waiting be profitable or detrimental?
    15. Am I determined to obey and please God?

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    […] are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates.Two weeks ago I wrote about how we can make decision-making easier.  One of the things I mentioned that helps me make decisions is to ensure that my soul is […]

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