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I played my best for him

I was sitting on my sofa at home, reflecting on the year past. In the background there were Christmas carols playing on the radio.  ‘Little Drummer Boy’, which is one of my favorites, came on and I stopped my reflecting for a moment, turned the volume up a little higher and proceeded to worship Jesus, the reason for this wonderful season of Christmas.

As I am sure you know, the song sets the scene of a poor boy whose only gift he has is to play his drum for the new born King.    In my heart, I felt that I could exactly relate to this boy depicted in the song as I sang along “I have no gift to bring …. that’s fit to give the King.  Shall I play for you … on my drum.”

I am aware that, of myself, I have no gifts to bring that are fit for King Jesus.  I have and am nothing and He has and is everything.

Unexpectedly, tears welled up and poured down my cheeks as I listened to the song and sang in my heart “I played my drum for him … I played my best for Him.”  I thought about this year that had passed – this year that was so momentus in so many ways – and I affirmed before Jesus that I had indeed ‘played my best for Him’.  I played for Him.  With all my might.  I gave Him my best.

“Then He smiled at me … me and my drum”.  As I sat on my sofa, the world around me disappeared and I felt God’s pleasure. I felt the Lord say to me, “You certainly did play your best for me.”  I felt God smile upon me and I felt God’s pleasure.  I sat in silence. For a long time.  I played my best for Him and He is pleased.  What else can possibly matter?

I have found this rendition of Little Drummer Boy to be really lovely.  May you and your loved ones have a truly joyous Christmas!


I started this blog at the beginning of the year and  it has been my pleasure.  Thank you for the overwhelming encouragement I have had.  I have received emails from so many of you. Thank you. I have bumped into complete strangers and when I was introduced, I was told they read my blog and then have encouraged me.  Thank you.  It means the world to me.  

The year is not yet over but if I want to continue playing my best for Him, it is time for me to rest.  I will resume my blog in January.  

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