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Four ways that you will be a role model without even trying

I recently had a conversation with two people very dear to me.  We spoke about what we modeled for our children while they were growing up. The wife mentioned one area where she was not even aware that her children were watching, but they absorbed nonetheless. This got me thinking. After three decades of ministry, I have noticed that parental leadership, organizational leadership and pretty much any kind of leadership will not follow a set formula or a direct path. It is intricate and delicate and none of us get it altogether right.

Here are four ways that you and every other leader will model:

  • There are times when you will model well and know that you are. You are intentional, you know what you are doing is right and good and you repeat your actions regularly. Those who you lead will absorb this and start behaving like you do. Watch any two-year old and you will see this in action.