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This Matters

On the Southern tip of Africa there is a community that lies just beyond the shadow of Table Mountain. Millions of people have migrated from distant villages on the Eastern side of the country to make this community their home. It has a name of Xhosa origin which is aptly named Khayelitsha, meaning ‘new home’.

It is one of the poorest communities in South Africa. Mixed in with low cost government housing, there are miles and miles of tin shacks, of people living in some of the worst conditions you can imagine. Yet, it is also filled with vibrant people who, despite poverty, have so much potential. This community matters to God.

In the middle of this year we will be planting a church in Khayelitsha. Taking new ground for the Kingdom of God matters. The hope that only Jesus gives matters.

At Orchard: Africa we aren’t afraid of the hard places. In fact, we purposely go to these hard places. We don’t try and escape to something better. Rather, we bring something better.

Khayelitsha matters to God and because it matters to him it matters to us. Those of us who will serve in this church invite you to join us.  Watch this video and read about this new church plant. May the Holy Spirit lead you in a response.

Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” – Matthew 6:10

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