In Purpose

Very personal, made public.

Random thoughts about my family.

  • So deeply grateful.
  • The awful wonder of having a front row seat. Watching, sometimes through fingers firmly clamped over my eyes, my family’s unique struggles, complete messes, resounding victories, deep fears and glorious strengths.  It is an unfolding story that has God’s fingerprints all over it.
  • Being strong together. Figuring this life of ours out … sometimes apart, mostly together.
  • This fierce love I have that burns deep and wide and leaves me breathless with wonder at what God, whose love is perfect, must feel like.
  • Being in love with my husband.  The ache when he’s away.  The comfortable joy when he’s here.  Never indifferent, always feeling something.
  • Waiting in anticipation as a new generation is carefully crafted in the mother’s womb.  The incredible wonder of it all.
  • Other kinds of womb-times when God seeds into our life and then protects until the day of beginnings.  The joy of beginnings.
  • The miracle of my small family being a part of God’s greater Family, deeply connected to His epic love story as it unfolds under His grace.

For this I sing His praise every moment of every day.  Here’s my heart Lord, take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above.

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