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What to do when you’re flat on your face failing

I have failed – more times than I care to remember.

I am wrong – probably more often than I am right.

I stumble – constantly in a world filled with obstacles.

Yet … this is a story of victory and joy!

In me lives the power of the resurrected Christ.

Christ in me is the hope of glory.

It is He that lives, not me.

What on this earth do these strung together scriptures really mean?

It means that when you are flat on your face failing and your heart is filled with the pain of that failure …start rejoicing. It means that your weakness is about to be made strong because of His love.

Here are a few steps to finding that strength.

  1. Get your face out of that mud – you’ll drown. You weren’t created to breathe in that stuff. Do all you can to get your face out of the mud so that you can breathe in the light and goodness of Christ your savior. Find a worship song and play it over and over again until the glory of God lifts your face out of that mud. Focus your heart on the name of Jesus and not on the name of your failure.
  1. Stop listening to those voices – they’ll drive you crazy. When you are flat on your face failing, don’t listen to the angry, bitter, “you will always fail” voices. Listen to the voice of God when he sends people to speak wisely to you, when he encourages you with his love, when he whispers of ongoing chances and do-overs and redeeming lost time and mending of bridges and healing of hearts and of strong, deep love that never, ever, ever fails.
  1. Get up and clean up. Drag yourself out of that mud. Speak Godly words to your heart and make it stand up tall and strong. Get out of those soiled clothes and clean up. Repent of what you need to. Apologize for what is yours to own.   As much as it depends on you, walk in peace with every person.
  1. Stop inspecting the wound – it will take longer to heal. Whenever you fail flat on your face, there are wounds. Recognize them. Address them with a professional – a counselor, a pastor. Then, don’t give them undue attention. Poking and digging at it will only make it worse. Leave it alone and give it time to heal. Trust in Jesus, every day, every step, every moment to bring the healing.
  1. Walk on. Strong and straight and true. Our savior, our God, our Lord has this habit of using the weak, the broken, the fell-flat-on-my-face-and-failed people. His strength is perfected in our weakness. It is this perfect strength that will take you to heights you cannot even dream of.

Perfect love casts out fear and perfect love never fails.



So, if you are flat on your face and hurting – rejoice! Look and see, Christ is about to do a wonderful work in you!

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